International Collaborations

ADARR works closely with the following teams:


Center for the study of discourse, images, texts, writings & communication of the University of Paris-12, Val de Marne. Primarily focused research work on political discourse (especially through the journal Mots), questions relating to AD and to argumentation, the relationship between AD and literary discourse (with D. Maingueneau).


Research Group in Rhetoric and Argumentation in Linguistics, ULB. Manager: Emmanuelle Danblon. Installed at the Free University of Brussels, the group aims to reflect in the fields of rhetoric and argumentation in the tradition of the School of Brussels as it was initiated by the work of Chaim Perelman.


Le Gruppi di ricerca Do.Ri.F regroupe tous les départements de français d'Italie.


IICAR (Interactions, corpus, learning, representations), UNR 5191, CNRS/Université Lumière de Lyon 2. The collaboration has been underway for several years through colloquia, meetings and publications in the field of interaction and of argumentation (originally with Catherine Kerbrat-Orecchioni and Christian Plantin).


LASELDI Semio-Linguistic, Didactic, Information technology Laboratory, (University of Franche-Comté at Besançon, France). Regular meetings focused the analysis of discourse thanks to the mediation of the journal Semen, (in particular Semen 17, Semen 20, Semen 22) and, shortly, the colloquium "Cluny 40 years on".


(Directrice: Geneviève SALVAN) The "LINGUISTICS OF UTTERANCE PRODUCTION" team (Geneviève SALVAN) from the research center Bases, Corpus, Language at the University of Nice (France) – click "research teams", "Theoretical linguistics" on homepage.


NAD (Discourse Analysis Group) of FALE/UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil).


The network for the analysis of contemporary ideologies and cultures, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
Focused on the analysis of discourse and of ideologies, through regular collaboration with Marc Angenot.


The "SENSE AND TEXT' team (directed by Olivier Soutet) of Paris-4 Sorbonne.


The Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Lausanne, Switzeland (Head: Dr. Jerome Meizoz) is giving courses and organizing seminars for interdisciplinary groups. Some of its members are specializing in Discourse Analysis, or use it to analyze their corpus. ADARR is collaborating for many years with Prof. Jean-Michel Adam (on Texttual Linguistics and Discourse Analysis) and is currently working with Dr. Meizoz on a research project on "ethos" and the French notion of "posture".


The International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA) was founded at the end of the First International Conference on Argumentation held at the University of Amsterdam in 1986.


Since 2000, the works of the Research Group on Verbal Violence focuse on verbal abuse in school, gendered and sexual contexts, media and mass communication, and verbal violence in public space.


The EURLING project is a multidisciplinary task force consisting of renowned scholars from within the fields of linguistics, rhetorics, history and political science. The project's main challenge will be to understand the relation between, on the one hand, attested verbal utterances produced by politicians in debates on the European integration and, on the other hand, the rhetorical and historical-political circumstances in which these utterances appear.