Jürgen Siess

Jürgen Siess, Associate Professor in Comparative literature at the University of Caen, France, has received his habilitation to supervise research at the University of Bielefeld and of Paris IV, Sorbonne.

He has taught French and Comparative literature at the Universities of Bielefeld, of Düsseldorf and of Caen where he was a member of the doctoral research group "Littératures, Cultures et Sciences sociales". Retired since 2004, he lives part of the year in Tel-Aviv and gives a semi-annual seminar at Tel Aviv University.

J. Siess has organized/co-organized numerous colloquia at the Cerisy-la-Salle centre, at the universities of Caen, of Besançon, of Würzburg, of Göttingen, of Jerusalem, of Tel Aviv. He was a member of the research team "Pôle Identités [Pole Identities]" of the MRSH of Caen as of "Texte, Histoire, Langage" [Text, History, Language] Centre of the University, and participates in the Société d'Etudes du 18e Siècle [Eighteenth Century Studies Society], in the Société Diderot [Diderot Society] and in the Association interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur l'Epistolaire [Interdisciplinary association for research on the epistolary genre].

He has been for some years an active participant in the International Samuel Beckett Working Group. He has been working on French Discourse Analysis since the end of the 1990s, principally on epistolary devices, subject of his thesis on epistolary and romantic literature of the 18th century. He is the editor of an important collective work in this field,La lettre, entre reel et fiction [The letter, between reality and fiction] (1998) and co-editor of Le rapport de places dans l'épistolaire [The relationship of places in the epistolary genre] (Semen 20, 2005). Most of his contributions focus on the study of non-fictional letters, in particular letters of women of the 18th century. He is currently developing the concept of "normative framework", proposed in 1998, in an attempt to link it with that of "value system". He is further interested in analysis of discourse in the domain of theatre, and more particularly in the image of the playwright.


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