Silvia Adler

Silvia Adler, senior lecturer in linguistics in the French Department at Bar-Ilan University, completed her thesis under the supervision of Lucien Kupferman at the University of Tel-Aviv (2002).
She is the author of Ellipse et Régimes des Prépositions Françaises (2012, in press, Peeters Publishers, BIG) and coeditor (with D. Kurzon) of Adpositions: Pragmatic, Semantic and Syntactic Perspectives (2008, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Typological Studies in Language), as of numerous articles in linguistics.

Her interests include general and French linguistics, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. In particular: ellipsis, anaphora, linguistic economy, simple and complex prepositions, prepositional quantification, scalarity.

Her new field of research is concerned with strategies of meaning-making in comics.


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Visit Silvia's list of publications and personal page at the Bar-Ilan University.