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Anna and Max Webb


Max Webb was born in 1917, in Lodz, Poland where he lived with his parents, Avraham and Sheva Weisbrot, five sisters and one brother until 1939. By 1945, he had been in twelve concentration camps, including Auschwitz, and the Death March of 1944. He is one of three to survive in his immediate family. In March 2008 Max celebrated his 92nd birthday

After liberation in 1946, Max married his first wife Sala Shapell in Munchberg, Germany where they established a textile production factory. They had two daughters, Helen, known as Chara, and Rose, both of whom live in Northern California.

Together with his brothers- in -law, Nathan and David Shapell, Max founded S&S Construction, which evolved into Shapell Industries and Shapell and Webb, Inc. Shapell Industries grew to become the largest private home building business in Southern California.

In 1991, Max married Anna Hitter Webb, a highly successful business woman in Los Angeles. Born Chana Rubinstein, she enjoyed a happy and comfortable childhood in Poland until the outbreak of World War II, when they were uprooted, first to Siberia and then to Uzbekistan. Anna attended high school in Russia, and when she was seventeen, still in Uzbekistan, she married Joseph Hitter, a fellow Polish refugee who has been educated at a Warsaw yeshiva and the Gymnasium in Lublin. After the war Anna and Joseph settled in Frankfurt where they developed an international business dealing in art, antiques, and jewelry. In 1955 they immigrated to the United States, where they raised their two children, Steven Michael Hitter and Sabrina Hitter Silvers. After her husband's death in 1973, Anna started a successful jewelry importing business. In 1993, she married Max Webb, and together they shared a strong commitment to Jewish causes, both in Israel and in the United States until her death in 2011. Anna and Max Webb have been generous supporters of medical facilities, yeshivas, and higher education. At Tel Aviv University, they donated the Max Webb Family School of Languages Building and the Anna and Max Webb Chair for Visiting Scholars in Yiddish. They are among the founding donors of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and the Los Angeles Holocaust Monument (spearheaded by Jona Goldrich).

Both Max and Anna Webb were awarded honorary doctorates from Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University.

The Anna and Max Webb Family Chair for Visiting Scholars in Yiddish