The Alliance Center for Iranian Studies (ACIS) is a research center, dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and understanding of Iran. As an integral part of the Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities at Tel Aviv University, the ACIS employs a multidisciplinary approach to Iranian studies, drawing upon history, political science, sociology, literature, regional studies and other related fields, with an emphasis on the modern era, since the 19th century.
The ACIS also hosts 'the  Dr. Habib Levy Program', dedicated to advancing knowledge on the unique history and cultural heritage of Iranian Jewry. more en

ACIS Iran Pulse No.76: "The Revolutionary Guards, the Persian Gulf and the Nuclear Deal," by Chelsi Mueller 
ACIS Iran Pulse no.80: "Cyrus Day - A Tradition in the Making," by Menahem Merhavi, click here>