HabibLevyImage2Dr. Habib Levy, a dentist, historian and public figure, is among the prominent figures of Iranian Jewry in modern times. In addition to his extensive public activities for the welfare of the Jewish community in Iran and on behalf of the State of Israel, Dr. Levy is first and foremost known for his pioneering and comprehensive three volume work written in Persian and entitled: "Tārīkh-i Yahūd-i Īrān" – "The History of the Jews of Iran".

Dr. Habib Levy was born in Tehran c.1896 and studied dentistry in Paris before returning to Tehran to practice his newfound profession. Dr. Levy became an activist on behalf of Tehran's Jewish community, conducting extensive research on its history. Following the 1979 revolution, Dr. Levy and his family settled in Los Angeles. He died in December 1984 and was burried in Jerusalem.

 In 11 June 2012, TAU officially inaugurated the Dr. Habib Levy Collection for Jewish Iranian History and Heritage and the Dr. Habib Levy Persian Garden, donated by the Merage Family.


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