Chelsi Mueller

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Chelsi Mueller

Chelsi is a junior fellow in the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies, a junior researcher in the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies and a Ph.D. candidate in the Graduate School of History at Tel Aviv  University. Her advisers are Prof. Uzi Rabi and Prof. Emeritus David Menashri.

Her dissertation is titled, The Persian Gulf between the Two World Wars: Iran, Britain and the Arab Shaykhdoms, 1919-1939. It investigates the revival of Iranian nationalism and the introduction of Iranian nationalist policies in the Persian Gulf under Reza Shah Pahlavi. It examines Iran's pursuit of nationalist aspirations in the Gulf; the challenge posed by Iran to Britain's dominant position in the Gulf; and the challenge to the independent status of the Arab rulers of the southern littoral. It characterizes the perceptions and reactions of the rulers and inhabitants of the Arab shaykhdoms to the rise of Iran, and considers the impact of these tensions on a Persian Gulf civilization that had once been characterized by symbiosis and interdependency.


Her article, Anglo-Iranian Treaty Negotiations: Reza Shah, Teymurtash and the British Government, 1927-1932 appears in Iranian Studies, 49:5 (Published online 16 March 2015).



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