Menachem Merhavy






I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Leonard Davis for International Relations at the Hebrew University, Currently working on the regional functions of national mythmaking in Iran, Egypt and Iraq. 

My PhD thesis discusses the political implications of historical myth making in modern Iran in the second half of the twentieth century. I analyze the dynamics of indoctrination in Iran in the period under discussion, while emphasizing the regime's utilization of history in its search for legitimacy. I examine and analyze the methods of indoctrination in formal and informal education and the ethos that they were supposed to inculcate in Iranians from different walks of life. I am currently tracing the legacy the Pahlavi period has left in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  


● Phd. – Tel Aviv University, Department of Middle Eastern and African History. Research topic: "Historical Awareness in Iran during the Reign of Muhammad Reza Shah, 1941-1979". (Supervisors: Prof. David Menashri and Prof. Meir Litvak) 

● M.A. - The Hebrew University, Department of International Relations, the Contemporary Middle East Program. Master's degree in the research track. Thesis subject: Anton Sa'ada and Pan-Syrianism; Supervisor: Prof. Avraham Sela (2003)  

● B.A. - Open University, Department of Political Science and International Relations, BA magna cum laude (2000) 

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