Sivan Balslev


My dissertation topic is ideals, practices and images of Iranian masculinities during the late Qajar and early Pahlavi period (1870-1940). The research demonstrates the ways in which changes to different aspects of masculinity in Iran influenced on and were influenced by other historical progresses such as the spread of nationalism, the growth of a modern middle class and the modernization of the country. This is the first extensive research done combining Iranian history with the discipline of masculinity studies. The research uses a variety of sources, from newspapers, literature and autobiographies to photographs and cartoons.

Academic Studies

  • 2008-Present - PhD student at the School of Historical Studies and the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies in Tel Aviv University. Dissertation topic: Masculinity, Class, Modernization and Nationalism in Iran between the 1870s and the 1940s. Advisors: Prof. David Menashri and Prof. Billie Melman.
  • 2010 - MA cum laude in the Direct Course to PhD – The Department of Middle Eastern and African History, Tel Aviv University.
  • 2007 – BA cum laude - The Department of Middle Eastern and African History and the Program for General and Interdisciplinary Studies, Tel Aviv University.

Participation in International Conferences:

  • January 2012: Women and Gender in Colonial Context Conference, Paris.
  • December 2011: Middle Eastern Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC.

Scholarships and Awards:

  • 2010-2013: Nathan Rotenstreich Fellowship for Excelling Graduate Students in the Humanities.
  • 2008-2010: Tel Aviv University Scholarships for Graduate Students.
  • 2007: Dean Award in the Interdisciplinary Program for Undergraduate Students, Tel Aviv University.
  • 2007: An Award for Outstanding Paper in the Department of Middle Eastern and African History, Tel Aviv University.
  • 2003-2006: Annual Awards for Excelling Students in the Department of Middle Eastern and African History, Tel Aviv University.


  • Leda Acheret (Tavalodi Digar). A translation to Hebrew of Forough Farrokhzad's book of poems. Keshev Publishing House, 2012.

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