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 M.A. Program in Jewish Studies – ANNOUNCEMENT

The International M.A. program in Jewish Studies -will be announced.

We wish to inform you that courses in the field will be offered in English as part of a new M.A. international program in Israel Studies that will open the following academic year (2014-15).

Students who wish to pursue their studies in this area at a graduate
level at Tel Aviv University with top-notch faculty are invited to
request information about the new program in the Spring.



Tel Aviv University offers the world's only one-year intensive MA in Jewish Studies taught in English in a Hebrew speaking environment.

This new MA offers a series of intimate encounters with the classical texts of Jewish culture, from biblical through medieval to modern.

This unique program is:

  • Text-centered and skills oriented. It aims to equip students for work·in ducation, museums and other institutions, and to provide an excellent foundation for PhD research.
  • Interdisciplinary. Courses include Bible, History of Hebrew language, Rabbinic exegesis and midrash, comparative approaches to Talmudic and Christian texts, Jewish mysticism, Medieval philosophy and kabbalah, Ancient Jewish magic, and Modern Jewish thought·



Rebecca on a class trip to Qumran Photo credit Minnie WeisbergerCongratulations to Rebecca Sacks on her recent acceptance into the University of Chicago's Divinity School next year!

Here are some of Rebecca's thoughts about the International MA in Jewish Studies and how it helped prepare her: 

The program at TAU has given me a firm foundation in the classical works of Judaism, and the academic approaches to those texts. My professors-- patient, rigorous, and creative-- have given me a sense of what it means to do graduate-level research. 

Engaging with the work, I was able to make informed decisions about my next step, and I feel very fortunate to be continuing my education at M.A. program at Chicago's Divinity School next year. The opportunity to study in Israel was certainly a draw of the program, and has been a joy.

Living immersed in Modern Hebrew has allowed me to learn Biblical Hebrew more quickly and turns every day into a learning opportunity.  

From Ottawa, Canada, by way of Brooklyn, New York, Rebecca Sacks is a graduate of Dartmouth College.  She is set to complete her MA in Jewish Studies this summer.

(Photo is of Rebecca on a class trip to Qumran. Photo credit: Minnie Weisberger )



Interested to come to study in Tel Aviv, Israel?  Please read more here or contact our program coordinator, Emilie Levy


For·a taste of our program see this·clip·from·Prof. Menahem Lorberbaum's·course

"Jewish Medieval Literature: between Philosophy and Mysticism".




2 merit-based scholarships available



- THE 2013-2014 MA PROGRAM



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