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Doctoral theses 2001-2010


Eldar, Eran : The urban development of Tel Aviv in the context of inter-relations between mun icipal and state rule in the twilight of the British Mandate and the first decades of the State of Israel
Supervisor: Prof Yakov Shavit

Bourgel, Yonatan: Jewish Christians and other religious groups in Judaea from the Great Revolt to the Bar Kokhba War.
Supervisor: Prof Aharon Oppenheimer

Sebba-Elran, Tsafi: From ‘Sefer ha-Agadda’ to ‘the Jewish Bookcase’.
Supervisor: Prof Eli Yasif

Semo, Galya: A literary, thematic and historical study of Isaiah 24-27
Supervisor: Prof Yair Hoffman

Margalith, Michael: German travellers during the (German) colonial period on Morocco and its Jewry.
Supervisors: Prof Shalom Ratzabi and Prof Paul Mendes-Flor

Saar, Ortal-Paz: Jewish Love Magic
Supervisor: Prof Gideon Bohak

Klibansky, Ben-Tsiyon: The Lithuanian yeshivot in Eastern Europe between the two World Wars.
Supervisor: Prof David Assaf


Baider, Amira: Stories of confrontation between priests and prophets
Supervisor: Prof Ed Greenstein

Grilak, Liora: Morphology of Mishnaic Hebrew according to the Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael
Supervisor: Prof Hayim Cohen

Cohen-Weinberger, Anat: Petrography of Middle Bronze Age II pottery.
Supervisor: Prof Yuval Goren

Lev Tov, Boaz: Leisure and popular culture patterns of Eretz Israeli Jews in the years 1882-1914 as reflections of social changes
Supervisor: Prof Anita Shapira

Faust, Osnat: Biblical laws in a narrative garb
Supervisors: Prof Gershon Brin and Prof Ed Greenstein

Barsky-Eliashiv, Aya: Kiddush haShem in ancient Palestine from Antiochus’ decrees to Hadrian
Supervisors: Prof Aharon Oppenheimer and Prof Ben-Zion Rosenfeld

Geva, Sharon: Representations of women in the Holocaust in the Israeli public discourse during the 1950s and in the Eichmann trial
Supervisors: Prof Anita Shapira and Prof Hana Naveh

 Jackont, Amnon: Shlomo Rubin (1823-1910)
Supervisor: Prof Shmuel Feiner and Prof Yakov Shavit

Sadan, Michal: The ‘Hebrew shepherd’: transformation of image and symbol from the Hebrew Enlightenment literature to the new Hebrew culture in Israel
Supervisor: Prof Avraham Shapira

Kron, Shlomo: The presence of the Holocaust in symbols and myths of Israel’s War of Independence
Supervisor: Prof  Dina Porat

Messika, Natalie: Spatial analysis of Urban Sites from the Iron Age II
Supervisors: Prof Zeev Hertzog and Prof Yuval Portugali

Namdar, Dvora: Reconstruction of the economy of the Chalcolithic period in Israel by assessment of preservation and degredation processes of organic substances adsorbed to archaeological ceramic vessels
Supervisors: Prof Yuval Goren; and Profs Steve Weiner and  Ronny Neumann, Weitzmann Institute of Science)


Azani, Irit: The development of the beginning of the 20th century poets during the first quarter of the century.
Supervisor: Prof Yakov Shavit

Ashur Amir: Engagement and betrothal documents from the Cairo Geniza
Supervisor: Prof Mordechai Akiva Friedman

Bar-On, Osnat: Familial Sins: 19th and 20th century Hebrew biblical drama and its affinity to post-biblical Hebrew literature and to the translated biblical drama
Supervisor: Dr Tzvi Malachi

Braude, Ruth: Seven years of the Polish ‘Hashomer hacair’ movement, 1939-1946
Supervisor: Prof Matityahu Mintz

Brosh, Bat-Sheva: Complex royal characters in the Book of Kings
Supervisor: Prof Ed Greenstein

Bartfeld, Hanna: The stories of Jericho’s Conquest: a textual and literary critical inquiry (Jos. 2;5: 13-15 and 6)
Supervisor: Prof Frank Polak

Greenhut Zvi: Production, storage and distribution of grain during the Iron Age and their linkage to the socio-economic organization of the settlement in Israel
Supervisors: Prof Simcha Lev Yadon and Dr Shlomo Bunimovitz 

Dinnur, Gali: The case of the altar of the two-and-a-half tribes (Joshua 22:9-34) – a linguistic, literary and ideological analysis
Supervisor: Prof Yaira Amit

Kolska-Horwitz, Liora Rochelle: Diachronic patterns of animal exploitation in the Sinai peninsula
Supervisors: Eitan Tchernov and Israel Finkelstein

Hurovitz, David : The Jewish community and aliyah from Argentina (1961-1973)
Supervisors:  Prof Dina Porat and Prof Raanan Rein

Wolfman, Samuel: Diseases and handicaps in the Jewish divorce law, as reflected in the Responsa literature.
Supervisor: Prof Noah Aminach

Hazon, Raaya (Segal): The linguistical theory of the author of the ‘responses’ to Saadia.
Supervisor: Prof Aron Dotan

Meiri, Gilad: Why did David Avidan laugh? Aspects of laughter, modernism and post-modernism in David Avidan’s poetry.
Supervisor: Prof Boaz Arpely

Mustigman,Raz:  From the Mount of Olives to Immer
Supervisors: Prof Aharon Oppenheimer and Prof Aryeh Kasher

Sutzkover, Talia: The semantic field of ‘seeing’ in the Book of Genesis, and the coherence of the text.
Supervisor: Prof Frank Polak

Azati, Aharon: Between a voluntary society and a national organization
Supervisor: Prof Yosef Gorny

Franklin, Norma: State formation in the kingdom of Israel: some tangible symbols of statehood
Supervisor: Prof Israel Finkelstein

Zim, Ilan: The one view of God: the theological philosophy of Franz Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption
Supervisor: Prof Joseph Ben-Shlomo

Shchori, Frumi: Voyage and burden
Supervisor: Prof Dina Porat

Shalin, Margalit: Jewish leadership in Theresienstadt struggle for survival 1941-1945
Supervisor: Prof Dina Porat

Shamir, Yaakov: HaKibbutz-HaMeuchad and the State of Israel 1948-1955: between utopian-realism and statehood-realism.
Supervisor: Prof Yosef Gorny

Aviely-Tabibyan, Kezia: Berl Katznelson and beth Midrash ‘Berl Katznelson’.
Supervisors: Prof Yosef Gorny and Prof Yuval Dror

Adivi Shoshan, Esti: From romantic yearning to artistic emendation
Supervisor: Prof Avner Holtzman

Boaron, Zevulun : details to be supplied
Supervisor: Prof Gershon Brin

Bartor, Assnat: Reading Law as Narrative- a study in the casuistic laws of the Pentateuch
Supervisors: Prof Gershon Brin and Prof Ed Greenstein

Baram Eshel, Einat: The school of realism in Hebrew Haskalah literature: platform and contents (1857-1881)
Supervisor: Prof Uzi Shavit

Halpern, Roni : Text, sex, sext
Supervisor: Prof Hanna Naveh

Hershman, Debby: The rise of religion in the Southern Levant
Supervisors: Prof Jaques Yakar and Prof Emmanuel Marks

Chazan, Meir: The moderate view on security and political issues in Hapo’el hatza’ir and Mapai 1905-1945.
Supervisor: Prof Anita Shapira

Yardeni, Ruth: The changing ideology of Benjamin Tammuz as reflected in different phases of his work.
Supervisor: Prof Ziva Shamir

Livne, Anat: The influence of the Israeli experience on the shaping of survivors’ memories of the Holocaust.
Supervisor: Prof Anita Shapira

Milevski, Ianir: Local exchange in early Bronze Age Canaan.
Supervisor: Prof Ram Gophna

Mishori, Efrat: Tel Aviv – reality or realization?
Supervisor: Prof Uzi Shavit

Pauker, Alon: The self imagery of the different kibbutz movements vis-a-vis the State of Israel 1948-1958.
Supervisor: Prof Yosef Gorny

Peilstocker, Martin: The plain of Akko from the beginning of the early Bronze Age to the end of the Middle Bronze Age: a historical geography of the plain of Akko from 3500-1500 BC: a spatial analysis
Supervisors: Prof Ram Gophna and Prof Volkmar Fritz, University of Giessen

Fogel, Shimona: National trends in the Hebrew adaptations for children of Grimm’s fairy tales between the years 1897-1924.
Supervisor: Prof Ziva Shamir

Kosh-Zohar, Talila: Another gaze: memory and gender in the Israeli literature of the second generation after the Holocaust.
Supervisor: Prof Hanhna Naveh

Ravid, Dalia: Joab son of Zeruiah: controversial hero
Supervisor: Prof Yaira Amit

Steir-Livny, Liat: A world of difference
Supervisors: Prof Dina Porat and Prof Nurit Gertz, Open University

Shapira, Amnon: The ‘people’ and its confrontations with leaders in the Bible
Supervisors: Prof Ed Greenstein and Prof Gerson Brin

Ophir, Dalia: Between yellow light and blue light: east and west in the work of A B Yehoshua
Supervisor: Prof Ziva Shamir

Elad, Ofra: The ideological changes in the religious Zionist youth movement  ‘Bnei Akiva’ in Israel.
Supervisors: Prof Anita Shapira and Prof David Assaf  

Baum-Banai, Roni: The rise and solidification of Shas
Supervisors: Prof  Yehudah Nini and Prof Eliezer Ben-Raphael

Bezalel, Itzhak: The participation of Sephardim in Eretz Israel in Zionism and the national revival at the end of the Ottoman period.
Supervisor: Prof Yosef Gorny

Gadot, Yuval: Continuity and Change
Supervisors: Prof Israel Finkelstein and Prof Moshe Kochavi

Galili, Ehud: Submerged settlements of the ninth to seventh millennia BP off the Carmel coast.
Supervisors: Prof Avi Gofer and Prof Aharon Horowitz

Teppler, Yaakov: Birkat ha-Minim
Supervisors: Prof Aharon Oppenheimer and Prof Joshua Efron

Katznelson-Bank, Dafna: details will be supplied
Supervisor: Prof Boaz Arpely