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Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017

Research Colloquium

The colloquium takes place on Thursdays 16:00-17:30 at Webb 103 (unless otherwise announced). After the colloquium refreshments are served at Webb 405.

The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Fall 2017-Winter 2018
  Luka Crnič
  The Hebrew University
  Some Questions in the Theory of
  Antonymy; read more
  Galia Hatav
  University of Florida
  Secondary Predication and Converbs
  in Hebrew; read more
  Annamária Kresztyankó
  Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
  Language Socialization and Hierarchy:
  Identity, Ethnicity, and Language Practice
  of Gypsy Children in Hungary; read more
  Gabi Danon
  Bar-Ilan University
  The Hebrew Genitive Alternation:
  Empirical Data and Theoretical Questions;
  read more
  Julie Fadlon  
  The Hebrew University  

  It Depends: Structural Choices in the
  Production of Filler-Gap Dependencies

  Ravit Melamed
  Tel Aviv University
  Processing Costs of Non-Canonical
  Word Order Sentences in Hebrew
  Itamar Shatz
  Tel Aviv University
  Phonological Selectivity in the Acquisition
  of Clusters
  Isabelle Charnavel
  Harvard University
  Independence from Perspective:
  French (Exempt) Anaphora
  Jonathan Avidan
  Tel Aviv University 
  The Rhyming Grammar of Modern
  English: A Study in Musical Theater
  Eli Dresner
  Tel Aviv University
  Formal Proofs and Textual Cohesion
  Moshe Ziat
  Tel Aviv University
  Null Complement Anaphora and
  Null Object in Hebrew
  Yakir Dalal
  Tel Aviv University


 Colloquia of Previous Semesters

The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Winter 2017-Spring 2017
  John Myhill & Dua'a Abu Elhija Mahajne
  University of Haifa
  Hebrew Loanwords in the CMC 
  Usage of the Palestinian Israeli 
  Variety of Arabic; read more
  Susan Rothstein
  Bar Ilan University
  Cardinality Scales, Measuring, 
  and Approximation; read more
  Shirly Or
  Tel Aviv University
  The Case of Literally True 
  Propositions with False 
  Implicatures; read more
  Scott Spicer
  Northwestern University
  Dressing to Change; read more
  Pavel Ozerov  
  The Hebrew University  

  Beyond Information Structure: 
  “Information-structural” Phenomena in
  Burmese and Their Functional Origins;
  read more

  Ruben van de Vijver (& Jessica Nieder)
  Heinrich-Heine-Universität at Düsseldorf
  Analogy in the Plural System
  of Maltese; read more
  Peter Cole & Gaby Hermon
  University of Delaware
  Can UG Explain the Variation 
  in WH in Situ?; read more
  Samuel Jay Keyser
  Music, Poetry, Painting, and 
  Easter Eggs; read more
  Tomer Avraham
  Tel Aviv University 
  Learning Head-Complement Order
  with Minimalist Grammars; read more
  Adam Rimon
  Tel Aviv University
  A Frequency-Based Model for 
  Lexicalization of Logical Operators;
  read more
  Noa Bassel
  Tel Aviv University
  Reflexive PPs; read more
  Ezer Rasin
  An Argument for Severing Stress
  from Phonology; read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Fall 2016-Winter 2017
  Michael Rochemont
  University of British Columbia
  Raising only; see abstract and handout
  Norvin Richards
  Contiguity Theory and Pied-Piping;
  see abstract and handout
  Fred Landman
  Tel Aviv University
  Why Measures Are Mass and How Mass
  Counts; see abstract and handout
  Tal Ness
  Tel Aviv University
  Lexical Inhibition Due to Failed Prediction:
  Behavioral Evidence and ERP Correlates;
  read more
  Tova Rapoport  
  Ben-Gurion University  

  Interfaces and the Middle; read more

  Sharon Peperkamp
  CNRC & École Normale Supérieure
  Experimental Investigations in Loanword
  Phonology; read more
  Kayla Gold-Shalev
  Tel Aviv University
  Verb-Specific Lexical Knowledge and Online
  Sentence Processing in Hebrew: A Look at
  Prepositions and Filler-Gap Formation;
  read more
  Idan Landau
  Ben-Gurion University
  Hybrid Nouns and Agreement Zones
  within DP; read more
  Nomi Erteschik-Shir
  Ben-Gurion University 
  Variation in Mainland Scandinavian
  Object Shift as Prosodic Repair; read more
  Israela Becker
  Tel Aviv University
  The Negation Operator Is Not a Suppressor of
  the Concept in Its Scope. In Fact, Quite the
  Opposite; read more
  Malka Rappaport-Hovav
  The Hebrew University
  Towards a Theory of Grammatically Relevant
  Ontological Categories; read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Winter 2016-Spring 2016
  Alex Grosu
  Tel Aviv University
  Two Case Studies in (In)definiteness and
  (In)determinacy: FRs/TFRs and (In)definite
  Amount Relatives; read more
  Vered Silber-Varod
  The Open University
  A Linguistic Perspective on Hesitation
  Disfluencies: Evidence from Hebrew and
  Japanese; read more
  Yael Greenberg
  Bar-Ilan University
  Metalinguistic Contrast and Scalar
  Implicatures: The Case of x, but
  (really) X; read more
  Julie Fadlon
  Univeristy of California, San Diego
  There’s a Pronoun Which I Don’t Like to Hear
  But I Do Like to Produce It: What Modulates the 
  Effect of Resumption on Processing?;read more
  Sharon Armon-Lotem & Reem Bshara 
  Bar-ilan University & Bet Berl College

  Production of Relative Clauses by Arabic-
  Speaking Children with Language Impairment:
  Two Sources of Difficulty; read more

  Omer Korat
  Tel Aviv University
  Semantic Shifts in the Nominal Domain;
  read more
  Outi Bat-El
  Tel Aviv University
  Hebrew Stress: Back to the Future;
  read more
  Assif Am-David
  Goethe University, Frankfurt
  Conventional Implicatures as a Meaning
  Component in Definites; read more
  Si Berebi
  Tel Aviv University 
  Consonantal Roots from a Universal
  Perspective; read more
  Guglielmo Cinque
  University of Venice
  Sources of Parametric Variation across
  Languages; read more
  14:15-15:45: Gregory Ward
  Northwestern University
  A Pragmatic Analysis of a Focus-Indicating
  Modal: That would be would; read more
  16:15-17:45: Inbal Abarbanel
  Tel Aviv University
  From Bambara to Hebrew: Perception of
  Lexical Tone by Speakers of a Non-tonal
  Language; read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Fall 2015-Winter 2016
  Lior Laks
  Bar-Ilan University
  Hebrew Agent Nouns: Competing Patterns
  and Doublets Formation; read more
  Daphna Heller
  University of Toronto
  What Visual Memory Can Tell Us about the
  Context: The Case of Modification; read more
  Angelika Kratzer
  University of Massachusetts
  Attitude Ascriptions and Speech Reports:
  A Requiem for Sentential Complements;
  read more
  Brian Buccola
  McGill Uni. & LLCC, Hebrew Uni.
  Modified and Unmodified Numerals:
  Lessons from Genericity; read more
  Maayan Keshev
  Tel Aviv University

  Active Dependency Formation in Islands:
  First and Last Resorts; read more

  Andreas Haida
  LLCC, Hebrew University
  On Deriving the Intermediately Exhaustive
  Reading of Wh-Complements; read more

  Michael Becker
  Stony Brook University
  Acquiring and Learning Irregular Plural
  Morphology in Brazilian Portuguese;
  read more
  Mira Ariel
  Tel Aviv University
  Variable Discourse Prominence for
  Various Pragmatic Inferences; read more
 Yifat Stern
  Tel Aviv University 
  Syncretism in Modern Hebrew: A Study of
  Word Recognition and Lexical Storage;
  read more
  Shoval Sadde
  Tel Aviv University
  What's Difficult about the Interpretation of
  Disjunctions (in Light of Scalar Implicatures);
  read more
  Daniel Margulis
  Expletive Negation and only; read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Winter 2015-Spring 2015
  Yishai Neuman
  Achva College for Education

  Inalienable Possession Constructions
  in Spoken Hebrew; read more
  Aldo Sevi
  Tel Aviv University

  Nuclear Accent and Lexical Meaning:
  The Case of bixlal; read more
  Elitzur Dattner
  Tel Aviv University

  Discourse Profile Constructions: A Usage-based
  Approach to the Hebrew Dative; read more

  Bridget Schvartz
  Bar-Ilan University

  Classifier Constructions in Hungarian and
  the Semantics of the -nyi Suffix; read more

  Paul Egré
  Institut Jean-Nicod

  Vague Judgment: A Probabilistic Account;
  read more

  Netanel Haim
  Tel Aviv University

  Lexical Acquisition Requires Syntactic Acquisition;
  read more
  Gabi Danon
  Bar-Ilan University

  Ranking Alternative Specifications of
  Abstract Agreement Features; read more
  Tamar Degani
  Haifa University

  Bilingualism and Cross-language

  Influences; read more

  Irena Botwinik, Efrat Harel, &
  Sharon Armon-Lotem

  Tel Aviv University, Ono College,
  & Bar-Ilan University
  Production of Object Relatives in Bilingual
  Acquisition: L1 Russian, L2 Hebrew; read more
  Olga Aizenberg
  The Hebrew University

  Complex Sentence Comprehension in Healthy
  and Dyslexic Adults; read more

  Moshe Elyashiv Bar-lev
  The Hebrew University

  De Re Tenses in English and Hebrew and
  Trace Conversion; read more
  Iddo Berger
  Tel Aviv University

  Learning Rule-based Morpho-phonology;
  read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Fall 2014-Winter 2015
  Hadas Yeverechyahu
  Tel Aviv University

  The Role of Similarity in Co-Occurrence
  Restrictions: Evidence from the Hebrew
  Verbal System; read more
  Roey Gafter
  Tel Aviv University

  Socially Meaningful Variation in Hebrew
  Consonants: Authenticity and Ethnic Identity
  in the Tel Aviv Area; read more
  Marie-Christine Meyer
  The Hebrew University

  When and How Implicatures Make You
  More Efficient (When Talking); read more
  Lior Laks
  Bar-Ilan University

  Morpho-Thematic Transparency:
  Instrument Noun Formation in Hebrew and 
  Its Relation to the Verbal System; read more
  Stephen Schiffer
  New York University

  The Impossibility of Gricean Semantics;
  read more

  Hadas Kotek
  McGill University
  Two Arguments for Partial Covert Wh-Movement
  in English Questions; read more
  Colin Philips
  University of Maryland
  Cognitive Mechanisms for Encoding and Navigating
  Structured Linguistic Representations; read more
  Omri Abend
  University of Edinburgh

  Bootstrapping of Grammar from
  Sentence-Meaning Pairs; read more
  Aya Meltzer-Asscher
  Tel Aviv University 
  How the Brain Processes Different Dimensions
  of Argument Structure Complexity:
  Evidence from fMRI; read more
  Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal
  The Hebrew University
  NP-Strategies for Expressing Reciprocity:
  History and Semantics; read more
  Björn Köhnlein
  Leiden University &
  Ben-Gurion University
  The Interaction of Prosody and Segmental
  Structure in Language Change; read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Winter 2014-Spring 2014
  Einat Shetreet 
  Children's Hospital Boston 
  & Harvard

  Scalar Implicatures in the Brain:
  Implications for Language Acquisition;
  read more
  Lyle Lustigman
  Tel Aviv University

  Interfaces between Linguistic Systems: 
  Evidence from Hebrew Child Language;
  read more
  Aynat Rubinstein
  The Hebrew University

  A Few Lessons Hebrew Can Teach Us about
  Gradable Modality; read more
  Tel Aviv University

  Symposium on Brain and Language;
  read more

  Ilona Spector-Shirtz
  The Hebrew University

  Hebrew Nonverbal Sentences Revisited;
  read more

  Noa Shuval
  Tel Aviv University
  The Processing and Representation of
  Negated and Repaired Constituents;
  read more
  Rama Novogrodsky
  Haifa University
  The Case of Every and Each in Child
  Language: Evidence from English
  and Hebrew; read more
  Tel Aviv University 

  2nd Graduate Student Workshop
  in Memory of Tanya Reinhart; read more

  Tanya Philippova
  Ben-Gurion University 
  P-Stranding, [P Clitic] and Prosody;
  read more
  Lior Laks, Evan Cohen, & Stav Azulay
  Bar-Ilan & Tel Aviv Universities,
  Oranim Academic College

  What Are We Faithful to? On Vowel
  Epenthesis and Variation (or Lack Thereof)
  in Hebrew Verbs; read more

  Avi Mizrachi
  Tel Aviv University 
  Voicing Assimilation in Hebrew, Voice Hert
  Zich? read more
  Tal Linzen
  Uncertainty and Prediction in Language
  Comprehension as a Platform for Studying
  Linguistic Representations; read more
  Thomas Groβ
  Aichi University, Japan
  Catena-based Dependency Grammar;
  read more
  Noa Brandel
  Tel Aviv University

  Parameters (or Lack Thereof) in L2 Acquisition:
  The Null Subject Parameter; read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Fall 2013-Winter 2014
  24.10   Dganit Kim
  Tel Aviv University 
  The Dative Dispositional Construction; read more
  31.10   Alex Grosu
  Tel Aviv University 
  Transparent Free Relatives: The 'Headedness'
  Controversy - Semantic and Morphological
  Argumentation; read more
  07.11   Sefi Potashnik
  Tel Aviv University
  The Locus of the Transitive-Unaccusative Alternation:
  Syntax or Lexicon?; read more
  14.11   Noam Faust
  The Hebrew University

  Metathesis in Tigre Verbs; read more

  21.11    Olga Kagan
  Ben-Gurion University

  On the Interaction of Gradability and Modality:
  The Case of almost; read more

  28.11   Hadass Zaidenberg
  Tel Aviv University

  Prosody-Pragmatic Interface: Evidence from
  Hebrew Speakers with Asperger Syndrome;
  read more

  05.12    Nomi Erteschik-Shir
  Ben-Gurion University
  Prosody: A Source of Word-Order Microparameters;
  read more
  12.12    Keren Khrizman
  Bar-Ilan University 
  Approximative Inversion in Russian as a Measure
  Construction; read more
  19.12   Yael Sharvit
  Whether or not Anything; read more
  26.12   Daphna Heller
  University of Toronto

  On the Probabilistic Nature of Referential Domains:
  Evidence from Mismatched Perspectives; read more

  02.01    Uriel Cohen Priva
  Brown University
  Informational Constraints; read more
  09.01   Maria Goldshtein
  Tel Aviv Universtiy
  A Discourse-Based Typology of Intensifiersread more

  Tali Arad
  Tel Aviv University 

  The Nature of Resumptive Pronouns:
  Evidence from Parasitic Gaps; read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Winter 2013-Spring 2013
  28.02   Aviad Albert
  Tel Aviv University 
  Phonotactic Universals in Modern Hebrew:
  Evidence for Prosodic Alignment of Stops; read more
  07.03   Bruno Nicenboim
  University of Potsdam
  The Effect of Distance on Wh-Dependencies:
  An Individual Differences Perspective; read more
  14.03   Hadas Velan
  The Hebrew University
  Lexical Representation of Printed Words:
  Language Specific or Structure Specific? read more
  04.04    Nirit Kadmon & Aldo Sevi
  Tel Aviv University

  On the Pragmatics of Three Prosodic Patterns in All-New
  Sentences; read more

  11.04    Tel Aviv University

  Graduate Student Workshop in memory of Tanya Reinhart;
  read more

  18.04   Geoffrey Khan
  University of Cambridge
  Some Features of the Phonology and Morphophonology of
  Neo-Aramaic; read more
  25.04    Ariel Cohen
  Ben-Gurion University
  An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
  of Embedded Epistemic Modals; read more
  02.05    Shira Farby
  Bar-Ilan University 
  Islands for WH-Movement: Acceptability Judgments of
  Gaps and Pronouns; read more
  09.05   Ezer Rasin 
  Tel Aviv University 
  A Learning Algorithm for Optimality Theory Grammars;
  read more
  16.05    Elizabeth Ritter
  Ben-Gurion University 

  Animating the Clausal Spine: INFL and Aspect in
  Blackfoot; read more

  30.05    Leonard Babby
  Princeton University 
  An Integrated Theory of Morphosyntax; read more
  06.06   Julie Fadlon
  Tel Aviv University 
  The Directionality of Verbal Derivational Relationships:
  A Psycholinguistic Study; read more
  13.06   Gal Belsitzman
  Tel Aviv University 
  On the Notion of Equivalence in Narrative Coordinated
  Constructions; read more


The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies
Thursday Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Fall 2012-Winter 2013
  01.11   Fred Landman
  Tel Aviv University 
  Japanese Internally Headed Relatives:
  Phantom Gaps, Role Choice, and How to Stay away from
  08.11   Susan Rothstein
  Bar-Ilan University 
  Adjectivally Headed Construct States
  15.11   Orna Peleg
  Tel Aviv University
  The Relationship between Orthographic, Phonological and
  Semantic Representations in the Two Cerebral
  22.11    Inbal Arnon
  University of Haifa

  Starting Big: When Bigger is Better in Language Learning

  29.11    Danny Fox
  The Hebrew University

  Children’s Interpretation of Disjunctive Sentences and the
  Theory of Scalar Implicature

  06.12   Galit Sasson
  The Hebrew University
  Absolute vs. Relative Adjectives: From Stage-Level
  Measurements and Comparison Classes to Absolute
  13.12    Gabi Danon
  Bar-Ilan University
  Hebrew ze-Clauses and Beyond
  20.12    Nadezhda Samokhin
  Tel Aviv University 
  Negation in Context: Novel Metaphors in Russian
  27.12   Asaf Bachrach 
  UMR 7023 
  Linearizing Multi-Dominance Structures
  03.01    Shaul Lev
  Tel Aviv University 

  Two Types of Argument Structure for the Same Verb in

  10.01    Ira Noveck
  CNRS, Lyon 
  17.01   Loraine Obler
  CUNY Graduate Center 
  What Does It Mean to Lose a First Language?

  Ana Müller
  University of São Paulo 

  Universal Quantification in Brazilian Portuguese