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Monday, 17 Jun 2024

PhD Dissertations


  Eugenia Birger  
  Idioms and the Structure of the Mental Lexicon
  Elitzur Dattner  
  Mapping Hebrew Dative Constructions
  Julie Fadlon  
  The Psycholinguistics of Verbal Diathesis:
The Transitive-Unaccusative Alternation

  Joseph Potashnik  
  Scalarity and Unaccusativity at the Lexicon-Syntax Interface


  Lyle Lustigman  
  Linguistic Interfaces in Early Acquisition: Lexical Classes
and Grammatical Systems in Hebrew Child Language
  Marit Sternau  
  Levels of Interpretation: Linguisitc Meaning and Inferences  
  Ofir Zussman  
  Grammaticization Paths of Concessive Constructions (in Hebrew)  


  David Hron  
  Arity Operations: Domain of Application
A Comparative Study of Slavic Languages
  Ziva Wijler  
  A Curious Adverbial Construction: Syntax and the Interface with Semantic and Pragmatic Interpretation  
  Gila Zadok  
  Similarity, Variation and Change:
Instability in Hebrew Weak Verbs


  Lior Laks  
  Morpho-phonological and Morpho-thematic Relations 
in Hebrew and Arabic Verb Formation
  Aya Meltzer-Asscher  
  Adjectives and Argument Structure  
  Batia Seroussi  
  The Morphology-Semantics Interface in the Mental Lexicon:
The Case of Hebrew
   Erez Volk  
  Mijikenda Tonology  


  Noga Balaban  
  The Linguistic Consequences of
Acquired Damage to Theory of Mind


  Evan-Gary Cohen  
  The Role of Similarity in Phonology:
Evidence from Loanword Adaptation in Hebrew


  Galit Weidman Sassoon
  Vagueness, Gradability and Typicality:
A Comprehensive Semantic Analysis
 red mail


  Limor Adi-Bensaid  
  The Prosodic Development of
Hebrew-Speaking Hearing Impaired Children


  Aldo Sevi  
  Exhaustivity: A Semantic Account of 'Quantity' Implicatures


  Irena Botwinik  
  The Category P: Features, Projections, Interpretation


  Galit Adam  
  From Variable to Optimal Grammar:
Evidence from Language Acquisition and Lamguage Change
  Gabi Danon  
  Case and Formal Definiteness: The Licensing of Definite and Indefinite Noun Phrases in Hebrew  


  Avivit Ben-David  
  Language Acquisition in light of Phonological Theory:
Common and Unique Processes among Different Children and in Various Languages (in Hebrew)