The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism undertakes academic research and provides a forum for discussion of issues related to antisemitism and racism, their history, and their social, institutional and cultural settings. The focus of the Institute is the manifestations of these phenomena since the end of World War II.
To that end, the Institute:

  • Undertakes research projects on antisemitism and racism, adopting an interdisciplinary approach that draws on the skills and resources of various departments at TAU.
  • Publishes an annual survey of anti-Semitic trends throughout the world in cooperation with TAU’s Kantor Center for the Study of European Jewry.
  • Provides support for graduate students from a variety of faculties and departments at TAU whose research projects focus on various aspects of antisemitism or racism.

The Roth Institute is dedicated to promoting the academic research of Antisemitism and Racism
The Roth Institute cooperates with leading scholars and institutes of Antisemitism and Racism