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The Roth Institute regularly cooperates with leading institutes and scholars form Europe, America and other locations whose work is dedicated to researching various aspects of antisemitism and racism. 

Such cooperative endeavors not only contribute to the level of research conducted by students and scholars at TAU but they also actively counteract calls to isolate or boycott Israeli academics and institutions.

ICRAR – The International Consortium for Research on Antisemitism and Racism

In September of 2011, the Roth Institute co-convened a collection of scholars from America, Europe and Israel who together formed the International Consortium for Research on Antisemitism and Racism (ICRAR). Dedicated to promoting scholarship on various aspects of antisemtism and racism, members of ICRAR are committed to pooling their intellectual and academic resources to advance the study of antisemitism as well as its relationship to other racisms.

Towards that goal, ICRAR members decided to conduct annual workshops dedicated to various aspects of antisemitism and racism. In 2014, the second annual ICRAR conference was hosted by Central European University (CEU), Budapest on the topic of Narratives of Violence

In addition to cooperation with the ICRAR group, the Roth Institute regularly cooperates with other universities and institutions. Such endeavors included an international workshop in Jerusalem on "World War I: A Turning Point in the History of Antisemitism" in June, 2014 that was conducted in cooperation with the Hebrew University and the Center for Research on Antisemitism, Technical University, Berlin

Academic Visitors

Each year, the Roth Institute brings a leading scholar of Antisemtism and Racism to Tel Aviv University for an extended visit of several months. These long-term visitors not only contribute to the academic atmosphere on campus, but contribute significantly to the training and education of graduate and post-doctoral students associated with Tel Aviv University. In many cases, these long term visits are co-sponsored by other institutions at Tel Aviv University and throughout Israel.

In addition to these long-term visits, the Roth Institute regularly hosts scholars of antisemitism and racism for shorter visits of up to two weeks.


Over the 2016-2017, the Roth Institute hosted a range of long-term visitors working on topics related to antisemitism and racism.  In addition to Dr. Kamil Kijek, a scholar of Polish-Jewish relations based at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, the Roth Institute also hosted Dr. Na'ama Meishar, a scholar of Jewish-Arab relations focusing on contemporary Jaffa, Carlota Matesanz, a PhD student from Madrid working on antisemitism in the United States and other scholars. 

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