Support the Roth Institute 

Established in 1991 through the generous donations by the Roth family of London, the Pieper family of Hanover and the Van Lenep family of Holland, Tel Aviv University's Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism is one of the world’s leading academic institutions dedicated to the research and study of these pressing questions.

While the generous contributions by the Roth, Pieper and Van Lenep families and the continued support by members of the Institute’s Public Council allow the Roth Institute to undertake a wide range of academic and public programs, additional support from private individuals and grant foundations in America, Europe, Israel and other locations will help us continue and expand our activities.

The following are some examples of how your support can help advance research at Tel Aviv University, maintain TAU’s role as a leading center of academic excellence and promote public discussions and research on antisemitism and racism in Israel, Europe and America.

A donation of $500 will allow us to purchase up to date academic literature for students and scholars at Tel Aviv University, thus ensuring that their research is first rate, world class work.

A gift of $2,000 will enable us to invite a leading scholar from Europe to Tel Aviv, thus promoting cooperation between Israeli and European scholars and helping counteract calls to boycott Israeli academics and institutions.

A one-time donation of $5,000 will help us bring an important scholar from abroad to Tel Aviv University for a period of one to two months, thus encouraging ties between students and scholars in Israel and their colleagues outside of Israel.

Through a gift of $10,000, your support will provide a MA student at Tel Aviv University a grant that will allow them to dedicate the vast majority of their time to academic research.

A donation of $15,000 will provide generous support to a promising PhD student at Tel Aviv University as they work towards completing their PhD dissertation on a topic related to antisemitism or racism.

$30,000 will provide support for a post-doctoral scholar from Israel or outside of Israel whose work promises to make a lasting impact on the field.

A gift of $40,000 will allow us to conduct an international workshop at Tel Aviv University, thus ensuring that Tel Aviv University continues to play a key role in the way that antisemitism and racism are viewed, researched and discussed in key academic centers across the globe.

A donation of $100,000 will allow us to provide a three-year fellowship to a post-doctoral scholar whose research focuses on antisemitism or racism. Such long-term fellowships provide critical support to early career scholars and allow them to contribute to the dynamic atmosphere on Tel Aviv University’s campus.

In all cases, projects can be named after a particular individual, beloved family member, respected community leader or other appropriate community or body.

For more information on how you can help the Roth Institute promote academic research and public discussion on antisemtism and racism in Israel and abroad, please contact us directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Those residing outside of Israel can contact the Friends of Tel Aviv University.