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"Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence" 
An International Workshop

The Roth Institute mourns the passing of long time board member Prof. Sir Nigel Rodley

Obituary of Sir Nigel Rodley



 July 20th "Antisemitism and Islamophobia" Research Group seminar on S.Lavi and L.Salaymeh's "Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and Secularism"

 July 12th The Mehokek Holot Theater

A Play - Video Link

Part of the international workshop on "Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence"

 July 11th 4 X Sally - Poster

A Synoptic Portrait of Sally Perel, Salomon of the Hitler Youth - Video Link

Discussion with Sally Perel - Video Link

Part of the international workshop on "Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence"

 July 10th Imploding Societies accross the Twentieth Century
A Panel Discussion

Part of the international workshop on "Nationalism in the History of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence"

 June 26th Judaism and Christianity in Late Antiquity
Princeton-TAU joint Workshop

Opening Keynote: Prof. Martha HimmelfarbPrinceton University
Armilos and Antichrist: Polemical Escathology in Late Antiquity

 June 18th Judaeophobia and Palestinophilia 
Prof. Olga Litvak
, Clark University

 June 5th From Anti-Judaism to Antisemitism: Ten Defining Moments in the History of Antisemitism
Prof. Jerome Chanes

 June 4th Jews and Communism in Twentieth-Century Hungary
Prof. Michael L. Miller
,Central European University

 May 18th The Question of "Islamic Anti-Semitism"
Prof. Daniel Schroeter
, University of Minnesota
"Antisemitism and Islamophobia" Research Group seminar

 May 11th The Communist Party in Terezin, 1941-1945
Dr. Anna Hajkova
Warwick University

 May 7th

Remembering Primo Levi, Thirty Years After

Remembering Primo Levi 7.5.17

 April 27th "Antisemitism and Islamophobia" Research Group seminar on D.Nirenberg's "Neighboring Faiths"

 April 23rd Antisemitism, Anti-Fascism and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union:

Local Police and the Holocaust in Eastern Ukraine (1941-1943)
Yuri Radchenko
Kharkiv Collegium Institute

The Image of "The Jew" in Soviet Anti-Fascist and Anti-Nazi Material
Prof. Andrew Sloin,

 April 4th What Was Apartheid: A Comparative Perspective
Prof. Alex Lichtenstein
Indiana University

 February 12th-14th 500 Years of Reformation: Jews and Protestants - Judaism and Protestantism
International Conference
[Keynote Lecture Video]

 January 15th Economic Crisis, Anti-Semitism or Some Other Factor? Re-Evaluating the 1935-1937 Pogrom Wave in Poland
Dr. Kamil Kijek
University of Wrocław

 January 12th Gendering the 'Jews' War': Women, Anti-semitism, and Peace/Anti-War Campaigns in Britain
Prof. Julie Gottlieb
The University of Sheffield

 January 8th Genocide in The Carpathians: War, Social Breakdown, and Mass Violence 1914-1945
Dr. Raz Segal
Stockton University

 December 28th Jewish Emancipation in State and City: The Case Study of Gdansk (1807-1847)
Dr. Michal Szulc
University of Potsdam

 December 27th Music in Flight: Refugees, Exiles, Fugitives, and the Politics of Music in Latin America, 1933-1960
Dr. Andrea Orzoff, 
New Mexico State University

 December 1st On Aggression: Psychoanalysis as Moral Politics in Post-Nazi Germany
Prof. Dagmar Herzog
, City University of New York CUNY

 November 27th-28th "The Classification of Humanity: Defining and Dividing Societies in the Modern Era"
4th Annual Conference of the International Consortium for Research on Antisemitism and Racism (ICRAR)

 November 20th Nationalism and Racism: A Symposium Dedicated to the Publication of Two New Books by
Prof. Amos Morris-Reich
University of Haifa
Dr. Stefan Vogt,
Goethe University, Frankfurt
20161120 191029 HDR
[Morris-Reich Abstract]
[Vogt Abstract]

 November 6th Polish-Jewish Relations in Contemporary Poland
Prof. Jan Hartman
, Jagiellonian University, Krakow Poland
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