Book in progress:

  • Vera Kaplan,
    History, Voluntary Associations, and Autocracy: Historians and Historical Societies in the Public Life of Imperial Russia.  


  •  Vera Kaplan, “From Soslovie to Voluntary Associations: New Patterns of Collective Identities in Late Imperial Russia,” Cahiers du Monde russe, Vol. 51, No. 2–3, 2010, pp. 369–396.

CMR_From Soslovie_to_voluntary_ 512_0369.pdf )

  • Vera Kaplan, “Historical Societies and the Projects for Historical Education” (published in Russian: “Istoricheskie obshchestva i ideia istoricheskogo prosveshcheniia”) in Alexander Dmitriev (ed.), Istoricheskaia kul’tura imperatorskoi Rossii: Formirovanie predstavlenii o proshlom (The Historical Culture of Imperial Russia: The Formation of Perceptions of the Historical Past) (Moscow: Vysshaia Shkola Ekonomiki, 2012), pp. 355–380.

( Historical Society_Historical Education.pdf )


  • Vera Kaplan, “Weathering the revolution: patronage as a strategy of survival,” Revolutionary Russia, forthcoming 2013.