Fellows 2015-16


Dr. Linh D. Vu, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Research topics: The Gendered Republic of Twentieth-Century China, China's World War II Military Graves in India, Burma, and Papua New Guinea, Chinese Spirit-Casting Scholarly Society and the Nation-Building Narrative,  Martyrs, Memorials, and the National Dead in Modern China, Offshore Sovereignty: Dead Soldiers and the Reach of the Nation.
My TAU Experience: I wholeheartedly enjoyed my time at TAU. The scholarly environment created by TAU faculty, visiting scholars, and students motivated me to work on my dissertation. I was able to make significant progress during my stay in Tel Aviv. The new atmosphere rejuvenated my mind and brought forth a new wave of creativity in me. Since pursuing a doctoral degree can be isolating and underwhelming at times, I truly appreciate the warm interactions and intellectual stimulations that I had during the month-long doctoral summer program. I hope to be able to visit TAU again! 
 Mary Ann Chacko2

Dr. Marry Ann ChackoAssistant Professor, Ahmedabad University, India

Research topics: Policing in schools, gender issues in education, critical childhood studies, anthropology of schooling in South Asia.
My TAU ExperienceI have extremely fond memories of my time at TAU and the friends I made during my time there. I was writing my dissertation when I was selected for the Doctoral Summer Program, "Asia on its Own Terms." My dissertation was an ethnographic study of a cadet program designed by the police for high schools in Kerala, India. During the one month program I focussed on writing and obtaining feedback on one of my dissertation chapters that examined the experiences of female cadets in police uniform. The critical feedback and support I received from my peers and Professor Jennifer Robertson as well as the research on gender and sexuality that I was able to explore through the 'Sex, gender, and sexuality in Asia: Alternatives from Japan' course led by Professor Robertson, were invaluable in helping me undertake a nuanced analysis of girls' experiences in a 'masculine' uniform.  




 Dr. JIAO Lin, School of International Journalism and Communication, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Research topics: Gender and Media, History of Gender and body.

My TAU ExperienceDuring the five weeks in Tel Aviv, I stayed in the room most of the time finalizing my PhD dissertation, which was crucial before my submission after 3 months. I also participated a seminar focusing on gender and body in Japan held by Prof Jennifer Robertson. The discussions I had with Prof Robertson inspired me in many ways. The two days workshop on "endangered bodies" in Asia increased my knowledges of gender and body in areas outside East Asia. The summer fellowship also provides me a great opportunity in meeting distinguished scholars and young academics in the world.

Sharon Small


Dimple Dhanani