Fellows 2016-17


Ms. Xue Zhang, Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University

Research topics: I  study the history of early modern/late imperial China. My dissertation explores how a rich body of geographical knowledge regarding Xinjiang was generated and disseminated across Qing China from the 1750s to 1870s, and how the new scholarship profoundly impacted high politics. I am also interested in cartography, archiving practice, and social network in early modern East Asia..
My TAU Experience: While at Tel Aviv University, I met scholars across the world, and presented a paper entitled “Power of Knowledge: Dissemination of Jesuit Maps in Eighteenth-Century China” at the international conference “Asian Spaces: Border-Crossing Dialogues.” Moreover, I participated in a workshop on the Manchu language and texts. 


Dr. Kaiqi Hua, postdoctoral fellow, University of British Columbia, Canada

Research topicsBuddhism and religion in China, the Mongol Yuan empire, Tangut studies, the Silk Road.

My TAU Experience: At TAU last summer, I presented a paper at the "Asian Spaces" conference, and participated the "Rethinking Time in Modern China" conference, both under the "Border-Crossing Dialogues” Program. I also attended seminars at the history department's "Contextualizing the Self" program, as well as academic events at the Confucius Institute. I used materials from TAU library's Chinese book collection. I have met and worked with a large group of scholars in Chinese history, culture, and religion, from TAU and other institutions. I had the great pleasure to meet Profs. Asaf Goldschmidt, Galia Patt-Shamir, and Meir Shahar at TAU, and received their advice on my research.



Mr. Timothy Swanger, PhD candidate, Arizona State University

Research topics: Textual formation and social memory in early medieval Daoism.

My TAU Experience: The Doctoral Summer Program at TAU provided much-needed time to further hone my skills in writing and research. Their coursework deepened my knowledge of Chinese poetry under the tutelage of Drs. Robin Yates and Grace Fong, while the conferences they so generously hosted were a source of stimulating discussion with fellow graduate students and senior scholars alike.



Ms. Frances A. Niebuhr, M.A, University of Heidelberg

Research topics: Specifics of the Indian ecological movement, including: feminist political ecology, religion and ecology, Hindu nationalism and ecology. Further: religion and the public sphere, religion-state relationships, pollution and purity in the context of water. Water conflicts, dam struggles, disaster research..

My TAU Experience: During my time at TAU I had the opportunity to pursue the work on my doctoral thesis while benefitting from the very helpful and inspiring support of different TAU lecturers, in particular from Udi Halperin. Moreover, I attended the highly interesting international workshop about “Asian spaces", providing a valuable, lasting impression on my research. The program together with the workshop helped me to establish and maintain new contacts with like-minded scholars from related fields, resulting into various fruitful interactions.



Noa Hegesh