Guest Members

Prof. Eugenia Lean
Columbia University
Modern Chinese History, History of Science and Technology, Gender Studies, History of Affect
Prof. Paize Keulemans
Princeton University
The interaction between oral language and written literature, modern Chinese literature, contemporary Chinese film, Dutch-Chinese interactions from the 17th-century onwards, and the adaptation of China’s great novels
Prof. Sheldon Garon
Princeton University
Cultural History, Economic History, Global Labor History, Political History
Prof. Robert H. SHARF
University of California, Berkeley
Buddhist Studies, medieval Chinese Buddhism (especially Chan), but he also dabbles in Japanese Buddhism, Buddhist art, ritual studies, and methodological issues in the study of religion.
Prof. Grace Fong
McGill University
Classical Chinese poetry, Literary Theory and Criticism, Gender and Women's Writing
Prof. Robin D.S. Yates
McGill University
Traditional China, Chinese Science, Technology and Philosophy, and Historical Theory, Chinese Military History.
Prof. David Bello
Washington and Lee University
Qing China, 1644-1911 Borderland Environmental History
Prof. Jennifer Robertson
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Cultural History of Japanese Colonialism, Eugenics, Bio-art and Contemporary Art, Ideologies of "Blood" in Japan and Israel, and Humanoid Robots and Posthumanism in Japan and Elsewhere
Prof. Gil Raz
Dartmouth College
Chinese Religion, Daoism, and the Interaction נetween Daoism, Popular Religious Practices, and Buddhism
Prof. Mahesh Sharma
Panjab University
History, Early Medieval India, Relgious Study and Tribal Folklore and Early Medieval Indian History, Religious Study, Tribal Folklore