Welcome to ADARR

Analysis of Discourse, Argumentation and Rhetoric

Tel Aviv Research Group

Coordinated by: Ruth Amossy (Tel Aviv University) and Rosalyne Koren (Bar Ilan University)

The research team that has been formed at the University of Tel Aviv (TAU), within the department of French, includes a group of researchers specialized in linguistics, in literary studies and in communication sciences, together with research students who are writing their dissertation in the perspective of French Discourse Analysis (Analyse du discours - AD) and of argumentation.

Within TAU, the team is supported by the chair of Modern and Contemporary French Culture held by R. Amossy, and by the "Louise and Noël Barag Cycle of Lectures on Rhetoric and French Culture", also coordinated by R. Amossy. The ADARR group has since been working in collaboration with the Chaim Perelman Foundation (Brussels), and has forged links with several research teams in France, in Belgium, in Switzerland and in Brazil.

ADARR specializes in integrating studies currently being pursued in the field of argumentation, especially those arising out of the New rhetoric of Chaim Perelman, in language and communication studies. Argumentation is considered as an integral part of the functioning of discourse in situation: one speaks always to and for someone, in an attempt to influence his ways of thinking, seeing and feeling. More precisely, argumentation in discourse is a branch of discourse analysis, such as it is re-defined today in the wake of P. Charaudeau and D. Maingueneau. It is in this perspective that the members of the team work on specific texts and documents from the media, political discourse, historical discourse, literary discourse etc., in order to examine their specific discursive and argumentative features and their relationship to social issues.

The research group holds a series of meetings each year, in the course of which the individual work of researchers and of doctoral students is presented and discussed.