East Asian Studies Department

The Department of East Asian Studies of Tel Aviv University was founded in 1995. Since then it has grown to become the largest and most diverse faculty of East Asian Studies in Israel. The Department is structurally unique in that it offers in addition to the civilizations of East Asia proper (mainly China and Japan) also Indian Studies. This has enabled us to examine in depth the interaction of Indian civilization and those of China and Japan.

Our faculty includes some twelve senior professors, as well as some twenty adjunct professors and language teachers. The department has been extremely successful in attracting students, who at present number some seven hundred (mostly undergraduate, but graduate as well). Each undergraduate chooses one of the three civilizations: India, China, or Japan as the focus of his studies, and receives instruction in the relevant languages.

The department offers a wide-range of courses pertaining to the classical history as well as the modern transformation of the three great civilizations of India, China, and Japan. The subjects covered are history, philosophy, literature, economics, political science, and international relations. The department collaborates closely and benefits from the expertise of other faculties in the humanities, arts and social sciences alike. 
The department offers in-depth instruction in Chinese (modern and classical alike), Japanese, Sanskrit, and Hindi.


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